Since you’ve become minimalist have you thought about money the same? Do you still have the same mindset of money and finances.

In life we truly believe money is the most important thing in the world. As a saying goes,

Money makes the world go round.

We find ourselves sacrificing and putting on hold the most important things in life, life family, friends, social lives and freedom; for money. We even forsake our health and well being working 50 to 80 hours a week just to make more money that we don’t know how to manage or use properly, which puts us in the position to need to make more and more to get by.

As minimalist we downsize, reevaluate and change our thought process. In that self evaluation our finances should be one of the biggest priorities; by learning to mange it better.

Proper money management = financial freedom. Financial freedom = less sacrifices.

Take this; whenever you are about to purchase something ask yourself, “Is this really a need? Will this bring any benefit to me? Is it worth my freedom (financial freedom)?”

Is what you are buying or investing your money in bringing any real value to your life? A cup of coffee, a new pair of shoes, a $100 outfit or $30,000 car?

Make sure every purchase you make bring immense value to your life and well being. As long as you are sheltered, have clothes to keep you warm, a great book to keep you in touch and great experiences to keep joy in your life; money won’t have such large impact on your life because you have chosen to spend your money on things that matter. A true minimalist living a truly simple lifestyle will know, ‘Material things & Money are not what brings happiness’. The freedom to live your life comfortably and at peace bring great value to our lives.

Your freedom is worth more than sacrifices.


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