Minimal temptation today.


Today I found myself obsessing over several pairs of shoes,  I even stop and asked one lady where she bought her shoes from. Yes I couldn’t help myself.

Now if you read my last post you will know I mentioned having a serious shoe obsession.

You will also notice I mentioned ridding over 90% of my clothing just 3 weeks ago. IN ONE DAY

I started thinking, “well maybe it won’t hurt to buy just one pair. ” I mean I did just rid all my shoes but 2 pair.

But then I asked myself is spending $90 for a pair of shoes that I’ll only wear 3 or 4 times and then be on to the next, really worth it?

Becoming minimalist, one of my extended goals was to desire material things less.

I never really desired much but shoes…and Zaxbys lol.

But hey you get it :D.

I was really proud of the fact that I didn’t give in today. These past 3 weeks have been a little challenging. But today I truly see that it is all worth it.

And I look forward to this exciting journey of living life in the simple lane.

Thought I’d I share a little temptations with you today!

What has been your must tempting moments as a minimalist and how did you overcome it?


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