10846330_630069087097351_6122739759715426999_nI guess I haven’t full introduced myself. I’m Chaymeriyia Moncrief and i’m a rookie minimalist. Or so I call myself.

3 Weeks ago was my very day (really midnight) I decided I was fully ready to take the first step toward minimalism.

I’ve read and learn about the lives of some very poplar minimalist like Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. Spending over 3 months reading and researching being minimal still didn’t convince me I could do it.

I constantly talk the talk of wanting to live a more simple and less complex life and wanting to be clutter-free in my surroundings, but I still found myself putting it off; so what finally made me give in.

Well like I said, i’m only in rookie stages but these pass 3 weeks have really shown me that I am  fully capable of downsizing, owning less and simplifying things.

I started with my clothing and shoes.

Now many that know me, know I LOVE shoes and have a urge to purchase them constantly to the point I have more shoes that I have clothing.

I also consider myself a mini hoarder, I like to keep things like old notebooks I’ve written in (poetry), birthday and graduation cards, old books I’ve read over a thousand time and on and on.

In order to convince myself I didn’t need those things I packed them away. (ever sit something somewhere or pack it away and totally forget about it?) If, yes that means it something you don’t really need and can clearly live without.

This exactly what I did to 80% of my clothing, shoes, keepsakes and notebooks; this was my way of proving to myself that I didn’t need any of these things or I could function with less of it.


This is a before picture of only about 40% of my clothing and shoes. Not to mention the box and shelf filled keepsakes I have. (not pictured) Taken 3 weeks ago 


Pictured here is now 90% of my clothing. I have minimized to 15 articles of clothing and 3 pair of shoes.


I then cleared my room to a little less clutter by removing room accessories and packing them away. I even removed the rails from bed and downsized my covers to make it less cluttered and less stuffy. It makes the room feel bigger, cleaner and more relaxing.

Things like spending less, slowing your life down a little (just a little), keeping a peace of mind and and fully understanding yourself and true nature is what helps you maintain a minimal life. It allows you to go after the things you always wanted too, to even travel more or spend more times with love ones.

But hey, who am I to say all of this i’m just a rookie minimal playing in a minimalist game. 🙂

Over the last 3 weeks I have been teaching myself to understand ME more, proving to myself that I really don’t need any extra material things to have a peace of mind and be happy; and that simplicity leads to great things; but more importantly a peace of mind.

Until next time.


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